I Made $86,000 With This Product

July 2, 2024

In the world of print on demand, creating a viral design that generates substantial profits can seem like a daunting task. However, with the right approach, it’s entirely possible. In this article, I’ll share the three-step system I used to create a t-shirt design that brought in over $86,000. Follow each step closely, as skipping any part can undermine your success.


My name is Chris Heckman, and I’ve spent years mastering the art of selling t-shirts online. Today, I'll take you through a proven method to consistently produce high-quality, viral designs that can generate tens of thousands of dollars in profit. Let's dive into the three-step system.

Step 1: The Bumper Sticker Test

In our digital age, it’s easy to get lost in online metrics. However, tangible real-world examples can provide valuable insights. This is where the bumper sticker test comes in.

Look at the back of people's cars. Bumper stickers are an expression of their personality and interests. If someone is willing to put a sticker on their car, it’s likely they’d also wear a t-shirt, hat, or hoodie with a similar design. This is a clear indication that there’s a market for such designs.

For example, when I started my yoga apparel company, Yoga Stay, I noticed many yoga-related bumper stickers. This gave me confidence that there was a market for yoga-themed apparel. Observing real-world interests can provide a strong foundation for your design ideas.

Step 2: Market Research

The second step is to go into the market and see what’s already selling. This doesn’t mean copying designs; it means understanding what types of designs resonate with your target audience. Visit platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest, and Redbubble to see top-selling designs.

Take detailed notes on:

  • Art Style: Is it line art, watercolor, detailed, etc.?
  • Topics: Are the designs funny, serious, motivational, etc.?
  • Range: Is there a wide variety of successful designs or a specific type that dominates?

For Yoga Stay, I noticed that designs featuring elements of yoga, mysticism, nature, and minimalist art were popular. This informed my design strategy and helped me create a range of appealing products.

Step 3: Build a Full Catalog Around Your Best Seller

You won’t know which designs will be best sellers until you launch. Therefore, start with a broad range of designs. Once you identify a top performer, iterate on it quickly to create similar designs.

For instance, our top-selling design was a line art drawing combining a yoga pose with nature elements like trees. I didn’t expect it to be the bestseller, but once I saw its success, we expanded on this concept. We created multiple designs featuring different yoga poses and natural elements, which boosted our sales significantly.

Additionally, to make a design go viral, support it with a small ad budget. Use catalog ads on Facebook to test multiple designs. Once you find those with high engagement, increase the ad spend. Ensure your store has a variety of designs so customers can find multiple items they like, increasing your average order value.


By following this three-step system, you can create viral, high-quality designs that generate significant profits. This approach helped Yoga Stay achieve over $86,000 in sales from a single design.

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